Mini Sprinkler

Each Mni sprinkler assembly consist of mini sprinkler with an in-built stake, which can be attached to 12 or 16mm lateral. Also comes without stake, for which mini sprinkler can be belted to an external wooden/ metal stake of any suitable height.



  • Can be connected to 12mm or 16mm drip laterals.
  • Easy to dissemble and clean.
  • Operates at low pressure
  • Uniform wetting
  • Cheaper to install than the conventional sprinkler system
  • Made from best quality polyacetal resin to give maximum life.
  • Durable and unbreakable
  • More durable than the microsprinkler systems but need 2kg/cm2 pressure as against 1.2 kgs/cms2 required for microsprinklers
  • Reasonable pricing.


Minisprinkler systems are used where complete area is to be covered perfectly without causing any harm to the crop/plants.This is best suitable for all crops where it is necessary to cover entire area, like ginger, safedmusli, onions and medicinal plants and all vegetable plantations and nurseries.

Technical Specifications:

Types available Micro sprayer with tubing. Stake is optional.
Operating pressure 1.5-2.5kg/cm2
Emission rate from each nozzle 450lph at 2kg/cm2
Wetting radius 6.5mtr at 2kg/cm2
Maximum coverage 90% at 2kg/cm2
Manufactured from Polyacetal resin


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