Micro Sprayers

Each Microsprayer assembly consist of microsprayer with 0.3 – 1 mtr of 4mm tubing and 4mm connector which can go into the 12 or 16mm lateral. Special holding stakes to hold the assembly firmly also available as an optional item.



  • Can be mounted on 12mm or 16mm drip laterals.
  • Nozzles can be replaced
  • Easy to dissemble and clean.
  • Made from best quality polyacetal resin to give maximum life.
  • Reasonable pricing.


Microsprayers systems are used where complete area is to be irrigated as well as certain level of humidity/coolness is required for the tender plants.

These are maximum used in nurseries , green houses polyhouses, shadenets and for every application where irrigation and humidity are required together.

They are even extensively used for landscape irrigation as they not only irrigate the required area but give very impressive aesthetics as well.These are used in combination with the single foggers as shown in the picture below.
Landscape designers/lovers – this would interest you.

Technical Specifications:

Types available Micro sprayer with tubing. Stake is optional.
Operating pressure 1.5-2.5kg/cm2
Emission rate from each nozzle 40lph at 2kg/cm2
Wetting radius 1mtr at 2kg/cm2
Maximum coverage 90% at 2kg/cm2
Manufactured from Polyacetal resin


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