• Available in 4way, 2way mid single way with antileak
  • Operates at a low pressure. Hence, high pressure pumps are not necessary.
  • Can be mounted on 16mm drip laterals.
  • Comes with a no drain valve.
  • Easy to dissemble and clean.
  • Made from best engineering plastic.
  • Can be used with our special antirodent laterals for poultry sheds.
  • Reasonable pricing.


Single fogger without antileak for irrigation as well as microclimate application.
Best for green house and polyhouse.

Technical Specifications:

Types available 4way/2way/single way
Operating pressure 1.5-2.5kg/cm2
Opening pressure for no drain valve 1kg/cm2
Nozzle size 0.5mm
Droplet size 80-100micron
Emission rate from each nozzle 7.5lph at 2kg/cm2
Wetting radius 1meter
Manufactured from Engineering plastic


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