Ecoflo Treadle Pump

About Our Awards


  • The only pump of its kind ever made.
  • The best solution for marginal farmers for irrigation of small plots.
  • The alternate solution to electric pumps.
  • No operating cost. Simple effortless pedalling motion.
  • Very efficient design to give best results with minimum muscle power.
  • Total piston, cylinder and manifold assembly made in durable and tough engineering plastic material – very easy to replace if necessary.
  • Very much portable – weighs only 12kgs can be carried anywhere very easily.
  • Available in 1.5” and 2” nipples for connecting the inlet and out let pipes.

A man weighing 60 kg can get suction upto 15ft and delivery upto 45ft. Can easily transfer water 2000- 5000 liters per hr depending upon the suction and delivery height.

Improvised version of this pump made in fabricated GI Steel sheets already in use all over the world- popular mainly for irrigation application.A must for every progressive farmer for emergency use.Very reasonable price – keeping the marginal farmer in mind.

Can be used for any other application including construction sites.

ACCESSORIES- For effective use of the ecoflo pump

  1. 2″ Delivery pipe and nipple
  2. 1.5″ Suction pipe and outer nipple
  3. Foot valve with nipple


Mini Sprinkler kit- The Ecoflo treadle pump is capable of irrigating max.500sq.mtrs plot with 12sprinklers.

Inline Drip kit- The Ecoflo treadle pump is capable of irrigating max.500sq.mtrs plot with 25mtrs of 20inlines rolls at an equal distance of 1mtr. It can also irrigate a land of more than 500sq.mtrs by inter-changing the outlet pipes of the plot.

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