Vertical Sand filter

Water from open wells, canals or reservoirs can be muddy, contaminated and may contain algae/weeds and other suspended matter. These can clog the screen/disc filters instantly. Hence a sand filter is used as primary filtration before the screen/disc filter to get rid of these huge amount of suspended matter.

  • Sand filter uses Silica Quartz sand with Mushroom for effective filtration.
  • Sand filters are powder coated from the outside and painted from inside with corrosion resistant paint.
  • These come with flange type polypropylene heavy duty ball valves.
  • Back flush arrangement is also provided which enables easy flushing and cleaning.

Technical specifications:

Title Inlet / Outlet Height Max. flow rate (m3)
20m3 filter 50 1440 20
30m3 filter 65 1440 30
40m3 filter 80 1600 40
50m3 filter 80 1600 50


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