Sai Agro Services Sameer Despande(Parbhani)

Sameer Sardeshpande,
Sal Agro Services,
Sai Nursery

CPODS: Potato, Cotton, Papaya, Chillies, Tomato, Roses, etc.

History: Mr. Sameer has been into the irrigation business (dealer as well as own a nursery) for the last 9 years with his cousin Rahul Despande (from Hingoli).They worked with 2-3 irrigation companies in these years. It was only until 2013 that they heard about Bhavani Drip from a dealer in Ahmedpur. They visited Nasik to see the products offered by Bhavani Drip.They took back some samples and surveyed their respective areas for the type of land, crops. cost expectations, etc.Soon after 3-4months of survey.They became Bhavani Drip dealers in Parbhani Dist.

Challenges: Rats are the biggest challenge faced by many farmers. Rats have a tendency to eat the driplines for drinking water. This damages the driplines and leads to water wastage.When Mr. Sameer was working with other irrigation companies.Hydrogol/Round driplines were use by maximum farmers in their area.

According to Mr. Sameer,Hygrogol/round driplines are more susceptible to rat-attack because the driplines are thick and rats can easily bite them with a good grip.”

Solution: Soon after Mr. Sameer started procuring irrigation systems from Bhavani Drip, they got a positive feedback from farmers regarding the quality of the driplines. shockingly, they came to realise that the rat-attack had decreased drastically by the use of Bhavani Drip’s thin walled driplines. The rats were unable to bite the driplines because the driplines were elastic and flexible.

Feedback: Mr. Sameer exclaims, ” We are very happy with the prompt service provided by Bhavani Drip. Our farmers are happy and satisfied by Bhavani Drip products. Bhavani Drip’s thin walled driplines are of premium quality. Their quality is assured as compared to their competitors. They claim their driplines to cover a length of uniform discharge of upto 150mtr but I have observed their driplines working upto a length of 250mtrs and sometimes even upto 350mtrs. Their driplines last loner than they claim. Hence, in terms of cost, their cost is very reasonable compared to the quality provided.”
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