About Us

Bhinge Brothers is into manufacturing of irrigation systems since 1991. We market our products under the brand name Bhavani Drip in the Indian market and Ecoflo Irrigation Systems in the international market. Ours is the only company in the world that produces low cost irrigation kits and manual pumping along with a complete range of micro irrigation systems. At the same time it is one of the very few companies which can boast of designing, supplying and installing the most cost-effective drip irrigation system for large commercial farms.

Drip/ micro irrigation is the process of giving water directly to the root-zone of the plants. Today, farmers save substantially on expensive fertilizers by efficient fertigation through drip irrigation. This has proven with high yields with better quality. Bhinge Brothers provide expertise in such a drip system that optimises on use of water and fertilizers effectively. With the option of low cost thin walled but yet very dependable driplines, farmers need not rely on government subsidy support and also get encouraged to invest into such systems for larger areas due to quick return on investment.

We have an extensive network in India and overseas. At the same time, we work directly on large scale projects. Bhinge Brothers has completed many such projects across the world.

  • Dependable quality
  • Very reasonable and affordable pricing
  • Complete range of irrigation systems
  • Sourcing and preferred partners to many NGOs working for rural upliftment in India and overseas.
  • Manual pumping for irrigation specially for marginal smallholder farmers
  • Irrigation kits for marginal smallholder farmers
  • Highly cost-effective designing with thin walled driplines resulting in lowest irrigation costs/acre
  • Substantial production capacities to meet demands.
  • Innovative approach in providing irrigation systems
  • Automation solutions